Why choose plunc™ for recycling

We've been in the recycling industry for over a decade recycling phones, tablets and other tech whilst maintaining an irrefutable reputation as best in class.

Simply put, we are the best rated online recycler and often pay the most.

plunc™ vs. MusicMagpie

MusicMagpie are certainly the largest recycling company in the UK with a huge warehouse in Stockport (must cost a fortune to heat!). There are two reasons to chose plunc™ over Magpie:

  1. plunc™ has transparent flat-rate pricing whereas Magpie has two pricing tiers; one high price which can impress at first glance but another price for devices with cosmetic damage, which is of course subjective.
  2. plunc™ focuses on high-end electronics only, thus providing a better customer experience. Speak to a knowledgeable member of staff (no switchboard) whenever you call. Although Magpie does have a lot of good reviews, the vast majority are for low value goods like CDs and Books.

plunc™ vs. Envirofone

Envirofone were the first major phone recycler in the UK and for many the first company which springs to mind. However the company now reduces offers based on cosmetic condition which has led to numerous bad reviews meaning they are now in 21st[1] position on TrustPilot. Of course, plunc™ are #1!

plunc™ vs. Mazuma

Mazuma are known for their reliable service, but they admit themselves they pay comparatively low prices. We actually recommend Mazuma to our customers for devices which we no longer recycle. They are one of the sites we check routinely every day and always make sure we pay more. Mazuma are 13th[1] on TrustPilot. Guess where plunc™ sits in the leaderboard?

plunc™ vs. Mobile Recycling Comparison Websites

It's tempting to go to a comparison website and trust in the top result. After all the comparison websites have you, the customer, in mind and want to provide you with the best companies out there? Well... actually no; their priority is to get paid by the recycling companies they list and so field as many options as possible. This means companies who really shouldn't be in business or have not built up any trading history have not been vetted.

You'll usually find the top 5 offers are new companies with no track record who downgrade their offer based on cosmetic wear and tear, which is not made clear when you see their supposed top price paid.

You won't find plunc™ listed on comparison sites for this reason. A comparison website should compare apples to apples, not apples to bad apples.

1. Rankings correct as of June '18

If you've never recycled electronics online before then don't worry: it's super simple.

Here's a quick overview of the process:

+1 minute

Confirmation email + shipping label

We are the only recycler who offer prepaid, insured, tracked and next-day postage service. You can print out your label immediately after your submission to get your device to us faster – or you can wait for your recycling pack.

+24 hours

Your sales pack will arrive!

If you choose not to print out your shipping label straight away (for example if you don't have access to a printer), we will post you out a recycling pack automatically.

+24 hours

Money in your account!

We pay the same day we receive your device. Always. Bank transfers and Paypal transfers are instant. Cheques are posted 1st class the same day.

Some time later..

Review the plunc™ process!

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So what's next?

We believe our process is as simple as you can get, and we pay the most. If you're ready to trade-in your device or devices for cash then head home to start recycling now.

If we haven't yet convinced you then read on to take a look at our insider's report on our competitors in the recycling industry, which we found an eye opener.

We've done our research on the competition and some will promise the world only to then decrease their offer based on the cosmetic condition of the device (iPads in this case), leaving you with less than expected.

At plunc™, the price you see is the price you get.

We have tested the competition ourselves by sending them devices to recycle and found some shocking results in the industry. Enter your email below to download plunc™'s Recycler Report – don't get caught out!

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