Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Phonesmart Limited’s (“plunc™”) terms and conditions. By creating a recycling submission through our website you are agreeing to these terms and agreeing to supply your item(s) to us for the price shown to you on the website, this is referred to hereafter as the “contract”.

Upon creating a submission you will receive our conditional acceptance of the supply via confirmation email. The offer is conditional on a variety of factors, detailed below, however plunc™ will never pay any less than advertised without recording agreement from you as the supplier first, in times of such a dispute.

If there are multiple items in the agreement of sale, the contract applies separately to each item.

We reserve the right to reject or reevaluate any submission, in whole or in part, that our quality control team identifies as not a match to the information you have provided or has been received outwith the fourteen day period in which our offer is valid for. The reevaluation process is defined below.

We recommend that you retain a copy of these Terms & Conditions for your own records.


By entering the contract you are confirming to us that:

  • you are the legal owner or have the permission of the legal owner to sell items in your submission to us
  • you are at least 18 years of age

By supplying us you are also confirming your acceptance of our Privacy Policy, which forms part of these Terms & Conditions.

Sending in your recycling submission

Any submission more than a value of £5 qualifies for one of our free, insured, next day delivery services. We currently use two couriers:

Royal Mail, for item(s) that are:

  • Sent from the U.K.
  • Under 20kg in total weight
  • Longest dimension less than 61cm

and UPS, for item(s) that are either:

  • Sent outside the U.K.
  • Heavier than 20kg in weight
  • Oversize items, larger than 61x46x46cm

In your submission confirmation email you will automatically be sent the correct shipping label with instructions on how to prepare your submission. You can print this out at home and send in your submission right away, or wait for us to post it out to you.

For oversize items, such as iMacs, you can arrange collection by UPS at your convenience from your home.

All packages sent through our approved couriers are insured for up to the value of the submission through our third party shipper insurance. However, if your packaging is deemed to be insufficient and damage has occurred, a claim will not be raised. You are responsible for making sure your submission is appropriately protected in transit.

Lost or damaged parcels

It is your responsibility to retain a return receipt in case of loss or damage to your parcel. The receipt will prove the item was posted/collected and therefore allow a claim to be made. Claims may only be made after a certain time period in which the parcel has not arrived, to make sure it is not just delayed.

In the event of a lost, stolen or damaged item, confirmed by the courier, we will pay out the originally offer in full, to the payment method specified.

If your item is damaged but deemed insufficiently packed, your claim may be denied. It is your responsibility to package your order sensibly.


Once a submission has been created, our offer is valid for fourteen days subject to your item(s) passing assessment. If any of your item(s) do not pass our quality assessments we reserve the right to re-evaluate your item(s).

If your item(s) are reassessed we will either offer a new valuation, which you can accept or decline, or simply return the item(s) with an explanation as to why. If you reject a new offer we will return the item to you free of charge, within 2 working days.

We reserve the right to revise your offer if:

  • the package is received outwith the 14-day offer period
  • any item does not match the selected make, model, condition, network status
  • any item has firmware password, iCloud activation lock or similar protection

Any increase in offer (for example, you select iPad Mini 2 but you send in a higher value iPad Mini 3) will be automatically accepted on your behalf and paid out as normal.

Any decrease in offer will need to be accepted or declined within 14 days of receipt of the submission, or will be returned to you

We cannot reverse any accepted revised valuations as they will automatically be paid out.

Any item returned to you will be sent to the address on the original submission, it is your responsibility to make sure this is accurate when creating a submission.

Anti-fraud measures

All items you send will have their serial numbers logged and checked against national databases for lost, stolen, blocked or barred statuses. If we find that this is the case we will quarantine the device. You have 28 days to prove you are the legal owner of the device and remove such a status from CheckMEND.

If you cannot prove your ownership within the time period we are legally obliged to dispose of the device. We cannot return it to you or make any payment for it.


All devices that are recycled by us are first erased, however we would recommend that you take your own measures to delete your personal information. We accept no liability for any losses, claims or damages arising in respect of any data which you fail to delete from your device.