Sell my MacBook Air 11-inch i7 (Early-2014) with Charger

Image of MacBook Air 11-inch i7 (Early-2014) with Charger

Your device is brand new sealed in the box

Your device is in good condition with minimal scratches and scuffs

Your device has a cracked screen, is heavily damaged or has software/hardware faults (it must show signs of life)

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MacBook Air 11" (2014)


What to do with your old MacBook Air 11" (2014) ?? I know!! Recycle with Plunc™ of course! With a user friendly website, market competitive pricing and helpful staff (available via phone or email) what are you waiting for!? Complete our quick submission from, choose how you would like to be paid, use our free shipping label to post your MacBook Air and then receive payment the same day we receive your device! No messing about!!

Please provide your original charger but if you don't include the charger we'll check that you're ok with the reduction to cover the cost of replacing.