Sell my iPad

It's time to sell your iPad! So... "how much is my ipad worth?" You'll be surprised how much it's worth now, as Apple products, especially iPads, hold their value so well. is the parent company for, and our two websites have the highest reviews for any recycling company in the UK.

With Auto-Upgrades on price, real human phone and email support (no nasty switchboards!) you'll be glad you chose us. Most of the time we're the top paying recycler, but in the rare case that you find someone who beats our price then best check their TrustPilot reviews to find out the real story :)

Here's some useful info if you want to recycle your iPad.

1) Switching to a new iPad is dead easy... you just need to hold your new ipad close to the old one while at setup screen and it will breeze through setup without you even logging in! Apple certainly know how to get you to buy the latest models :)

2) Removing iCloud for Recycling; the best way is to "reset all content and settings" from the settings menu => general settings. You will be asked to release it at that point if necessary. This removes iCloud, resets the device AND clears your data all in one step. Done!

3) After Submission... we send you a tamperproof, waterproof bag and customised sticky Royal Mail Tracked label by first class delivery. Use this label (or print at home if you're in a hurry) to send us your iPad with plenty of bubblewrap and sturdy box etc. We'll email you the minute your iPad hits our HQ around 10am, expect another update within a few hours max. If iCloud is off, you have selected the correct model and there are no unexpected faults with the iPad you get paid the full quote right away!