Preparing your Device for Recycling

If you have the iPad in front of you, follow these instructions:

  1. Find Settings » iCloud
  2. Click Sign Out, at the bottom, and confirm with your Apple ID password
  3. Find Settings » General
  4. Click Reset, at the bottom, then Erase All Content and Settings
    Note: You may will need to enter a passcode that you have set on the device

If you do not have access to the iPad, for example you have already sent it in to us, or the screen is faulty, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to with your Apple ID and password
  2. Find the right device from All Devices
  3. Select Remove from Account
    Note: If you do not see this option, first select Erase iPad
    If it does not erase immediately, select Cancel Erase Request
    The Remove from Account option should now be available

  1. Back up your Mac to an external storage device
  2. Sign out of iTunes:
    Open iTunes. Account » Authorizations » Deauthorize This Computer
  3. Sign out of iCloud:
    Apple () Menu » System Preferences » iCloud » Sign Out
  4. Sign out of iMessage:
    Messages » Preferences - Accounts » Sign Out
  5. Erase and Reinstall macOS
    • Restart your Mac whilst holding Command (⌘) + R to enter Recovery
    • Select Disk Utility and erase the Mac's hard drive (usually called 'Macintosh HD')
    • Quit Disk Utility when complete
    • Select Reinstall macOS
    • Select the previously erased hard drive and hit Install
    • Once complete you should see the setup assistant, your Mac is ready to recycle so hit Command (⌘) + Q to quit and then shut down

  1. Back up or transfer your data to your new device
    Note: Each manufacturer has a different method for this
  2. Settings » Backup and Reset » Factory Data Reset