An exciting partnership announcement for us here at plunc™ Tech Recycling...

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Vitality to provide their customers a simple buy-back solution for their old tech. If you haven't heard of Vitality, they are one of Britain's leading insurance providers who have really disrupted the market by providing exciting and truly relevant services for their customers.

Vitality promote healthier lifestyles by rewarding you for being active, getting regular health check-ups and eating well. One of the perks is discounts on activity-tracking tech, like the Apple Watch. With Vitality customers wanting to upgrade their devices every year or two Vitality needed a partner to recycle the old ones and so reached out to Apple for suggestions, where we came out on top.

We have been receiving recycling submissions from their customers for a few weeks now and are looking forward to consistently provide a trusted, reliable service to Vitality and their customers in the future.

All of our staff here have been members of Vitality Health long before we started working with them. We find it motivating to compare stats or to let each other know of the latest rewards available. As I'm writing this a staff member just received a new pair of sneaks using their 50% discount.

At the moment the only device available to recycle through Vitality is the Apple Watch Series 2, which most of you Vitality members will have paid up by now, but as our partnership grows we hope to add more Apple Watch models.

Head over to to find out more about their approach to health and life insurances.

Visit our Apple Watch Series 2 recycling page to trade-in your Vitality Apple Watch.