Simply put, we specalise in efficiently remarketing or recycling your redundant IT assets to provide you maximum value.

Using our own proprietery software and more than a decade of sales data and experience we can compare market prices of IT equipment as well as predict the selling price and velocity, meaning you get maximum return to reinvest into the next generation of tech for your company.

Your business gets paid the pre-agreed price as soon as assets are tested after landing with us, rather than waiting for traditional auction-style sales process which gives uncertainty over the amount and timescale of your rebate.

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plunc™ staff testing iPads

Our History

Trading as plunc™ Business IT Recycling we operate under a privately owned company, Phonesmart Ltd, with a small team and 100% staff retention since founding. We work with a small footprint in our 5,000ft2 headquarters in the centre of Glasgow, Scotland, handling and processing thousands of mobiles, tablets, laptops and more every week. After spending many years at the top spot of consumer mobile and tablet recycling with thousands of happy customers, in 2022 we made the difficult decision to go all-in on B2B recycling - mobile, tablet and other IT assets - with a focus on Apple products where our expertise lies.

Since switching lanes to B2B our business has streamlined a great deal and throughput has increased greatly, leading to strengthening relationships with suppliers. So much so that a second location for the business is underway to better serve our European clients on the continent. Watch this space.

What does the Bulk Business IT Recycling Service look like?

Using our proprietary pricing software we can assure the best prices in the market. Prices are agreed upon and locked in.

A senior member of the team can collect on-site for large quantities or jobs that require secure transport. Inventory is taken and signed off by the client.

After secure transport back to our HQ in Glasgow, devices are securely erased (if required) using the latest data-erasure software Blackbelt. Devices are then put through testing and final inventory reports are generated.

Client confirms final reports and receives data erasure certification if requested. Payment is sent by instant transfer.

plunc™ staff testing iPads
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